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28. "Organophotocatalytic Mechanisms: Simplicity of Naïvety? Diverting Reactive Pathways by Modifications of Catalyst Structure, Redox States, Substrate Preassemblies & Static Quenching"

M. J. P. Mandigma, J. Kaur, J. P. Barham,*

ChemCatChem 2023, Accepted Article, DOI: 10.1002/cctc.202201542 PDF

(Invited contribution "Special Issue: Photocatalysis" by Prof. Oliver Wenger/Dr. Bart Pieber/Dr. Line Næsborg)


27. "Benzoates as photosensitization catalysts and auxiliaries in efficient, practical, light-powered direct C(sp3)-H fluorinations"

S. Yakubov, W. J. Stockerl, X. Tian, A. Shahin, M. J. P. Mandigma, R. M. Gschwind, J. P. Barham,*

Chem. Sci. 2022, 13, 14041-14051 PDF

(Selected as a Outside Back Cover for issue 47, 2022)




26. "A Tunable Microwave Flow System for Scalable Synthesis of Alkyl Imidazolium-type Ionic Liquids"

M. Domanski, J. Zurauskas, J. P. Barham,*

Org. Process Res. Dev. 2022, 26, 2498-2509 PDF

(Selected as a Supplementary Cover for Issue 8, 2022)



 "α-amino Radical Halogen Atom Transfer Agents for Metallaphotoredox Catalyzed Cross Electrophile Couplings of Distinct Organic Halides"

X. Tian, J. Kaur, S. Yakubov, J. P. Barham,*

ChemSusChem 2022, 15, e202200906  PDF

(Reader's choice article, July 2022. Selected for Wiley 'Hot Topic': C-C coupling. Selected for Wiley 'Hot Topic': Photocatalysis)

 "Site-selective C(sp3)-H Functionalizations Mediated by Hydrogen Atom Transfer Reactions via α-amino/α-Amido Radicals"

J. Kaur, J. P. Barham,*

Synthesis 2022, 54, 1461-1477 PDF

(Invited contribution by Prof. Paul Knochel/Prof. Martin Oestreich)


23. "An Organophotocatalytic Late-stage N-CH3 Oxidation of Trialkylamines to N-formamides with O2 in Continuous Flow"

M. J. P. Mandigma, J. Zurauskas, C. I. MacGregor, L. J. Edwards, A. Shahin, L. d'Heureuse, P. Yip, D. J. S. Birch, T. Gruber, J. Heilmann, M. P. John, J. P. Barham*

Chem. Sci. 2022, 13, 1912-1924  PDF

(Selected for the Outside Back Cover for Issue 7, 2022. Selected for the Themed Collection: 'Most popular 2021 catalysis articles'. Presentation of this work by M. J. P. Mandigma was recognized by awards: FameLab Bayern '1st place'; EYCheM2022 'best talk')



22. "Synthetic Molecular Photoelectrochemistry: New Frontiers in Synthetic Applications, Mechanistic Insights and Scalability"

S. Wu, J. Kaur, T. A. Karl, X. Tian, J. P. Barham*

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2021, 61, e202107811 PDF

(Selected for the Inside Front Cover for Issue 12)




21. "Catalyst-free, Scalable Heterocyclic Flow Photocyclopropanation"

V. Klöpfer, R. Eckl, J. Floß, P. M. C. Roth, O. Reiser,* J. P. Barham*

Green Chem. 2021, 23, 6366-6372 PDF

 (Selected for the Outside Front Cover for Issue 17, 2021. Selected as a 2021 Green Chemistry 'HOT Article')



20. "Electro-mediated PhotoRedox Catalysis for Selective C(sp3)-O Cleavages of Phosphinated Alcohols to Carbanions"

X. Tian, T. Karl, S. Reiter, S. Yakubov, R. de Vivie-Riedle, B. König,* J. P. Barham*

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2021, 60, 20817-20825PDF


19. "Hole-Mediated PhotoRedox Catalysis: Tris(p-Substituted)biarylaminium Radical Cations as Tunable, Precomplexing and Potent Photooxidants"

S. Wu, J. Zurauskas, M. Domanski, P. Hitzfeld, V. Butera, D. J. Scott, J. Rehbein, A. Kumar, E. Thyrhaug, J. Hauer, J. P. Barham* 

Org. Chem. Front. 2021, 8, 1132-1142PDF

(Selected for the Outside Back Cover for Issue 6, 2021; ESI 'Highly Cited' paper in 2021)

OCF cover Ar3N


18. "Photocatalyst-Free, Visible-Light-Mediated C(sp3)-H Arylation of Amides via a Solvent-Caged EDA Complex"

J. Kaur, A. Shahin, J. P. Barham*

Org. Lett. 2021, 6, 2002-2006  PDF

(Selected as a Supplementary Cover for Issue 6, 2021)

OL EDA cover


17. "Photocatalytic (Hetero)Arylation of C(sp3)-H Bonds with Carbon Nitride" 

S. Das, K. Murugesan, G. J. V. Rodríguez, J. Kaur, J. P. Barham, A. Savateev, M. Antonietti, B. König,*

ACS Catal. 2021, 11, 1593-1603  PDF


(Highlighted in Synfacts by Profs. Y. Uozumi and S. Okumura. ESI 'Highly Cited' paper in 2021 & 2022)

16. "C-Alkylation of alkali metal carbanions with olefins"

M. J. P. Mandigma, M. Domanski, J. P. Barham,*

Org. Biomol. Chem. 202018, 7697-7723  PDF 

(Selected as the Outside Front Cover for Issue 39, 2020)



15. "Photosensitized direct C-H fluorination and trifluoromethylation in organic synthesis"

S. Yakubov, J. P. Barham,*

Beilstein J. Org. Chem. 2020, 16, 2151-2192  PDF TOC photofluor

14. "Base-catalyzed C-alkylation of potassium enolates with styrenes via a Metal-ene Reaction: A Mechanistic Study"

J. P. Barham,* T. Fouquet, Y. Norikane, 

Org. Biomol. Chem. 2020, 18, 2063-2075  PDF 

(Selected as the Outside Front Cover for Issue 11, 2020)

OBC CAKES front cover


13. "Synthetic Photoelectrochemistry" 

J. P. Barham,* B. König, 

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2020, 59, 11732-11747 PDF

(Invited contribution) (ESI Highly Cited paper (top 1% of its academic field) until present)



12. "High Efficiency Microwave Flow Chemistry Toward Synthesis of Functional Materials and Pharmaceutical Cores"

J. P. Barham,* E. Koyama, J. Sugiyama, Y. Norikane, H. Egami, Y. Hamashima, 

AMPERE 2019, 17th International Conference on Microwave and High Frequency Heating, In Press PDF


11. "Microwave Flow: A Perspective on Reactor and Microwave Configurations and the Emergence of Tunable Single-mode Heating Towards Large-scale Applications"

J. P. Barham,* E. Koyama, Y. Norikane, N. Ohneda, T. Yoshimura,* 

Chem. Rec. 2019, 19, 188-203 PDF 

Chem Rec MWflow Cover

10. "A Continuous-Flow Resonator-Type Microwave Reactor for High-Efficiency Organic Synthesis and Claisen Rearrangement as a Model Reaction"

E. Koyama,* N. Ito, J. Sugiyama, J. P. Barham, Y. Norikane, N. Ohneda, Y. Ohno, T. Yoshimura, H. Odajima, T. Okamoto, 

J. Flow Chem. 20188, 147-156 PDF 

JFC cover created

9. "C-alkylation of N-alkylamides with styrenes in air and scale-up using a microwave flow reactor"

J. P. Barham,* S. Tamaoki, H. Egami, N. Ohneda, T. Okamoto, H. Odajima, Y. Hamashima,* 

Org. Biomol. Chem. 201816, 7568-7573 PDF 

OBC C-alk amide flow TOC

8. "Regio- and chemoselective Csp3-H arylation of benzylamines by single electron transfer/hydrogen atom transfer synergistic catalysis"

T. Ide, J. P. Barham, M. Fujita, Y. Kawato, H. Egami, Y. Hamashima,*

Chem. Sci. 2018, 9, 8453-8460 PDF


7. "Dual Roles for Potassium Hydride in Haloarene Reduction: CSNAr and SET Reduction via Organic Electron Donors Formed in Benzene"

J. P. Barham, S. E. Dalton, M. Allison, G. Nocera, A. Young, M. P. John, T. M. McGuire, S. Campos, T. Tuttle,* J. A. Murphy,*

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2018, 140, 11510-11518 PDF 


6. "Selective, Scalable Synthesis of C60-Fullerene/Indene Monoadducts Using a Microwave Flow Applicator"

J. P. Barham,* S. Tanaka, E. Koyama, N. Ohneda, T. Okamoto, H. Odajima, J. Sugiyama, Y. Norikane,* 

J. Org. Chem. 2018, 83, 4348-4354 PDF 

JOC Fullerene TOC

5. "Contra-thermodynamic Hydrogen Atom Abstraction in the Selective C-H Functionalization of Trialkylamine N-CH3 Groups"

J. P. Barham, M. P. John, J. A. Murphy,*

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2016, 138, 15482-15487 PDF

(Featured in the top 20 ‘most read articles’ of JACS in 2016. Recognised by the 2017 Reaxys Ph.D. Prize)


4. "KOtBu: A Privileged Reagent for Electron Transfer Reactions?"

J. P. Barham, G. Coulthard, K. J. Emery, E. Doni, F. Cumine, G. Nocera, M. P. John, L. E. A. Berlouis, T. McGuire, T. Tuttle,* J. A. Murphy,*

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2016, 138, 7402-7410 PDF

(Featured in the top 20 ‘most read articles’ of JACS in 2016. Features on the first page of Google Entries for ‘KOtBu’. ESI ‘Highly Cited' Paper (top 1% of its academic field) until present)


3. "Double Deprotonation of Pyridinols Generates Potent Organic Electron-Donor Initiators for Haloarene-Arene Coupling"

J. P. Barham, G. Coulthard, R. G. Kane, N. Delgado, M. P. John, John A. Murphy,*

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2016, 55, 4492-4496 PDF  

(Featured in the top 15 ‘most accessed articles’ of ACIE in 03.2016)

ACIE Pyridinols TOC

2. "Asymmetric Intramolecular Conjugate Addition Nitro-Mannich Route to cis-2-Aryl-3-nitrotetrahydroquinolines"

J. C. Anderson,* J. P. Barham, C. D. Rundell,

Org. Lett. 2015, 17, 4090-4093 PDF 

OL NitroMannich TOC

1. "One-pot Functionalisation of N-Substituted Tetrahydroisoquinolines by Photooxidation and Tunable Organometallic Trapping of Iminium Intermediates"

J. P. Barham, M. P. John, J. A. Murphy,*

Beilstein J. Org. Chem. 2014, 10, 2981-2988 PDF 


Book Chapters

1. "Heating Applications: Flow Chemistry"

J. P. Barham,* E. Koyama, Y. Norikane, T. Yoshimura,*

in "RF Power Semiconductor Generator Application in Heating and Energy Utilization" 

Editors: S. Horikoshi, N. Serpone, 2020, pp 91-117, ISBN: 978-981-15-3546-5 



1. "Photoresponsive azo compound and polymer compound"

Y. Yue, Y. Norikane, E. Koyama, J. P. Barham

Japan Patent Office (Applicant: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. Institution Number: 301021533. Application Number: PCT/JP2019/010828. Filing Date: 19/02/2019)

Press Releases

1. "Enabling High-efficiency Synthesis of Organic Materials with a Flow-type Microwave Synthesiser"

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Press Release, 12/04/2018.

For the Summary (English)

For the Press Release (Japanese)

(Featured in newspaper: Kagaku Kogyou Nippou (Japan Chemical Daily), 13/04/2018, 1st page. Featured in Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun, 19/04/2018, 5th page)

Blogs & Webinars

3. "Hole-mediated PhotoRedox Catalysis: Triarylamine Radical Cations as Tunable, Precomplexing and Potent Photooxidants"

J. P. Barham (Organic Chemistry Frontiers Blog)

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2. "Seven strategies for scientists fo communicate their research and create a brand" 

J. P. Barham (Elsevier)

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1. "Exploring continuous flow chemistry"

J. P. Barham (Elsevier)

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