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Suvas paper on cascade cyclizations with photochemically generated vinyl radicals has appeared!
Adv. Synth. Catal.
2014, 356, 557-562

Magnetic Palladium @ Graphene
Quirins and Rolands study on alkene hydrogenation with a magnetically recyclable palladium catalyst has apeared!
Adv. Funct. Mater.
2014, 24, 2220-2227

Going abroad!
is off to Tarragona for a research stay with Prof. Miquel Pericas (April 2014).
Sabine is off to Paris for a research stay with Prof. David Aitken (April 2014).
Ludwig started his postdoctoral stay with Prof. Andrew Wilson at the University of Leeds, UK (March 2014).
Quirin started his postdoctoral stay as a Humboldt fellow with Prof. Greg Fu at CalTech, USA (January 2014).
Verena is off to Emory University for a research stay with Prof. Huw Davies (January 2014).
Agnes has started the 24/7 Paul Hanson experience at the University of Kansas (January 2014).
Oliver is off to Tokyo Institute of Technology as Ryudo Visiting Professor (January 2014).

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