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06 December, 2021: Check our Twitter account for future news regarding Dr. Díaz' group: @DDDIAZgroup


19 January, 2021: New Paper just accepted in Polymers: Molecular weight enables fine-tuning the thermal and dielectric properties of polymethacrylates bearing sulfonyl and nitrile groups as dipolar entities. Congratulations to Sebastian Bonardd and the entire team!

5 October, 2020: Our review on actuators displaying unidirectional movement has been just accepted for publication in Advanced Intelligent Systems!, a great job from Mridula and Binoy! Congratulations!

15 September, 2020: Our work on highly efficient latent fingerprint detection by eight-dansyl-functionalized octasilsesquioxane nanohybrids has been accepted for publication in Dyes and Pigments! Congratulations to everytone involved!

(DOI: 10.1016/j.dyepig.2020.108841)


15 September, 2020: Check out our new cover!


28 July, 2020: New set of papers just accepted for publication in ChemPlusChem (hollow organic nanotubes driven by arene regioisomerism), Carbohydr. Polym. (biobased tractable polymeric films), J. Agric. Food Chem. (viewpoint on biostimulant nanoencapsulation) and J. Appl. Polym. Sci. (bioadhesives). Congratulations to everyone involved in a very productive month!!


30 May, 2020: Two more articles online! A highlight in collaboration with the group of Dr. Pérez-Ruiz (UPV) on recent application of biphotonic profeccess to organic synthesis (accepted for publication in Org. Chem. Front.), and the first delivery of the saga we started a few years back on fluorescent octasilsesquioxanes nanohybrids for latent fingerprinting detection (accepted for publication in Chem. Eur. J.). Congratulations to everyone!!

01 May, 2020: Thanks to everyone who has contributed to make our article "Wet?Chemical Etching of GaN: Underlying Mechanism of a Key Step in Blue and White LED ..." (https://doi.org/10.1002/slct.201702267) among the top 10% most downloaded papers! #TopDownloadedArticle 

08 April, 2020: Hat trick this week! our papers on  (1) photosensitized [2+2]-cycloaddition of cinnamates, (2) mucin-grafted polyethylene glycol microparticles for oral insulin delivery and (3) shape-memory hydrogel actuators, accepted for publication in ChemistryOpen, Applied Science and Advanced Functional Materials, respectively!! Warmest Congratulations to everyone involved!!


21 March, 2020: Despite the hard times ahead (covid-19) we keep going!. Our new paper on isosteric replacement in soft materials synthesis is now available online: RSC Adv. 2020, 10, 11481! Congratulations to the whole team involved!

20 February, 2020: Several good news to celebrate recently: A new review paper with Pino's group (ULL, Tenerife, Spain) on biopolymers in sorbent-based microextraction methods accepted for publication in Trends Anal. Chem.

Congratulations to Markus Tautz (now Dr. Tautz!) for his brilliant Dissertation on characterization and manipulation of N-face gallium nitride etching in alkaline solution! We wish you all the best in your job at OSRAM!.

We also welcome Denis Genze and Bastian Mader to our group for their Bachelor Theses! and Dr. Mridula Nandi for a postdoctoral stay. Good luck in all your projects!!


27 January, 2020: A nice collaboration with Pino's group (ULL, Tenerife, Spain) ends up in a publication in Journal of Chromatography A on the use of a pH-sensitive polymer in a microextraction and preconcentration method directly combined with HPLC. Congratulations to everyone involved!


03 January, 2020: Starting the New Year with our paper with Osram on the influence of epitaxial composition of N-face GaN KOH etch kinetics just accepted for publication in Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology!!!. Congratulations to Markus Tautz. We are very proud of this paper!


14 November, 2019: The paper on biopolymer glycopolypeptide blended scaffolds and their cellular interactions, with Vinita Dhaware and Sayam Gupta has been accepted for publication in Chem. Asian J.! Very proud of this work, it was a very long battle but it was worth! Warmest congratulations!!


18 October, 2019: New publication accepted in Carbohyd. Polym. on insulin-mucoahesive nanoparticles! Fantastic achievement! Congratulations to everyone involved especially to Dr. Momoh A. Mumuni!


17 October, 2019: Our review paper on alginate hydrogels as scaffolds and delivery systems to repair the damaged spinal cord just accepted for publication in Biotechnol. J. Congratulations to everyone involved!


20 September, 2019DDD awarded a Beatriz Galindo Senior Research position at the University of La Laguna (Tenerife, Spain)!. The main goal of the Beatriz Galindo programme is to attract and retain research talent from abroad in an attempt to reinforce the excellence and competitiveness of faculty members in Spanish Public Universities.


2 September, 2019Paper on antimicrobial activity of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) n-doped with a pyridinium-containing polyelectrolyte in collaboration with C. Alemán (UPC, Spain), just accepted for publication in Soft Matter! Congratulations!

14 August, 2019Warmest congratulations to Dr. María José Trujillo-Rodríguez who has been awarded a prestigious Juan de la Cierva fellowship!

We are thrilled to have her in our group!  


10 August, 2019: Paper on bis-triazole based supramolecular metallogel and stabilization of gold nanoparticles just accepted in New J. Chem. Congratulations Markus!

16 July, 2019: Very proud to see our last cover arts published in the front covers of Accounts of Chemical Research and Gels!




22 June, 2019Check out our last review with colleagues Mariana Fernández and Noelia Machado on recent strategies in resveratrol delivery systems. Just published in ChemPlusChem!

12 June, 2019Our new article on the aplication of isosteric replacement to engineering new physical gels has been just accepted for publication in RSC Adv. Congratulations to everyone!!

31 May, 2019Paper on versatility of self-assembly of capped diphenylalanine in collaboration with Haldar's group just accepted for publication in CrystEngComm! Congratulations!

24 April, 2019: Review on the race for more stretchable and tough hydrogels just accepted for publication in Gels! Congratulations to Santi and Ramón!

15 April, 2019: "The prospect of photochemical reactions in confined gel media" accepted for publication in Acc. Chem. Res.!! Congratulations to everyone!


08 April, 2019: Warmest ongratulations to Diana and Mariela for their Poster Award during the "XV CONGRESS CHEMISTRY STUDENTS" in Tenerife. The work focuses on the preparation and characterization of metallogels based on alginate. Thanks also to Idaria for supervising!. Research advisors: Dr. Verónica Pino and Dr. David Díaz.



21 March, 2019: Our paper on polymer topology-controlled self-healing of polyelectrolytes has been just accepted in Eur. Polym. J., congratulations to everyone!


21 Feb, 2019: Paper on niosomes encapsulated in biohydrogels for delivery of resveratrol just accepted for publication in RSC Adv.! Congratulations to everyone, specially to Noelia and Mariana!


08 Feb, 2019: Our warmest congratulations to Marleen Häring for her new job at Infineon Technoogies (Münich)!


29 Jan, 2019: Book chapter on liposomes-in-chitosan hydrogels for biomedical applications accepted for publication within Materials Science and Technology, Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH. Congratulations!

17 Jan, 2019: Review on cationic niosomes as non-viral vehicles for gene delivery with R. Eritja's and co-workers has been just accepted for publication in Pharmaceutics. Warmest congratulations!

11 Jan, 2019: A good start into the New Year!!, papers in J. Mater. Chem. B. about the use of MD for understanding gelation processes, and in ACS Omega regarding the use of click-TIA for the fabrication of stimuli-responsive metallogels. Congratulations to everyone involved!!


17 Dec, 2018: Paper from Alex on trifluoromethlation in air accepted for publication in Molecules! Congratulations!


09 Dec, 2018: A key paper on the sensitivity of alginate rheology to composition accepted for publication in Soft Matter! Congratulations and thank you very much to our colleagues Karthika and Guru for their fantastic work!


27 Nov, 2018: Paper with Prof. Saldías on 3D copper nanoparticles/chitosan/nanoporous alumina (CCSA) membranes has been accepted for publication in J. Clean. Prod.! Congratulations!


28 Sep, 2018: Marleen Häring passed her PhD defense with summa cum laude!, congratulations!. We will miss you so much! We wish you all the best for your future!




14 Sep, 2018: Binoy's review on 3D printing technology for nerve regeneration just accepted for publication in Polymers, congratulations!


24 Aug, 2018: DDD on the Board of the PNG Committee (Polymer Networks Group). A great honor! Thanks!


30 July, 2018: Paper on urea activation by external acids just published in Catalysts, a collaboration with the group of Dr. Herrera in Zaragoza! Congratulations to everyone!


21 July, 2018: Paper on supramolecular self-assembly of glutamic-acid based squaramides just accepted for publication in Beilstein J. Org. Chem.! Another joint effort between Herrera's and Díaz' groups! Congratulations to evveryone who participated!


12 July, 2018:The study in cooperation with Prof. Alemán on the use of topomeric ionenes as n-dopant agents of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) for in situ gelation just accepted for publication in Soft Matter. Congratulations to everyone involved!


10 July, 2018: Digest Article on non-enzyme entrapping biohydrogels in catalysis just accepted for publication in Tetrahedron Lett.! Congratulations!


Our graphical abstarct has been also selected to appear on the front cover of the Tetrahedron Letters issue Vol.59/No.35. Thanks TL!


10 July, 2018: Our work on intragel air-sensitive photoredox catalysis has been highlighted by ChemistryViews! Thanks!


30 May, 2018: Congratularions to Marleen and Alex for their nice paper on air-sensitive photoredox catalysis in air that has been accepted this month for publication in J. Org. Chem.!


07 May, 2018: New papers on ionene-catalyzed CO2 fixation with epoxides (with Prof. M. Waser; JKU, Linz) and self-assembled TTF-triglycyl derivative (with Prof. R. Eritja; IQAC, Barcelona) accepted for publication in Top. Catal. and Appl. Sci., respectively. Congratulations to everyone involved!


18 April, 2018: Our review on Biomaterials Science on the top trending so far in 2018!  


Biodegradable liposome-encapsulated hydrogels for biomedical applications: a marriage of convenience

Santiago Grijalvo, Judith Mayr, Ramon Eritja and David Diaz Diaz 
DOI: 10.1039/C5BM00481K 



13 March, 2018

13 March, 2018

10 April, 2018: Warmest welcome to Anton Abramov, who joins our group for his BSc Thesis! Good luck with your polymersomes!


13 March, 2018: New paper on cationic ionene as n-dopant agent of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) with C. Alemán's team accepted for publication in Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. Congratulations! 


16 February, 2018: Marleen's paper on isosteric replacement for drug delivery has been accepted for publication in Molecular Pharmaceutics! Congratulations!


1 February, 2018: Isaac, from ISQCH-CSIC in Zaragoza (Dr. Raquel Herrera's group), has just arrived for a short research stay. Welcome!!




23 January, 2018: Reviewing the factors that influence the wet-chemical etching of GaN in LED production accepted for publication in ChemistrySelect, congratulations Markus!!



13 December, 2017: A critical review on release of small bioactive molecules from physical gels has been accepted in Chem. Soc. Rev., congratulations!



21 November, 2017: DDD receives Honorary Membership from Argentine Research Society on Organic Chemistry during the XXI SINAQO conference.



03 November, 2017: An overview of the power of phenylalanine to build functional supramolecular gels just accepted in Biomater. Sci.! Congratulations to everyone, specially to Tanmay and Debasish for their wonderful help, effort and determination!. It has been a fantastic team work!


18 October, 2017: DDD receives Honorary Professorship from Jiangsu University, China. The appointment is an initiative of its Prof. Songjun Li, President of the Chinese Advanced Materials Society. Thank you!

08 October, 2017: Congratulations to C. Saldías for his paper in Carbohydrate Polymers on catalytic bio-nanocomposite hydrogel!



29 September, 2017: Profs. David Adams (University of Glasgow), Dirk Kuckling (University of Paderborn) and Esmaiel Jabbari (University of South Carolina) have taken roles as Associate Editors in Gels. Their help and experience will be a great asset to the journal!





24 September, 2017: DDD will tour on his home country next week (Madrid (UAM), Zaragoza (ISQCH) and Barcelona (IQAC)) followed by China (Xi'an and Jiangsu University)


29 August, 2017: Our productive year keeps going, check out our latest publications in J. Mater. Chem. B (nioplexes-gels for nucleic acids delivery), Biomacromolecules (M2+-free alginate gels) and Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. (ultrasound-enhanced gelation), warmest congratulations to everyone involved!


02 August, 2017: DDD begins US tour (Georgia Institute of Technology; Harvard; MIT and ACS meeting in Washington)


12 July, 2017: Congratulations to Andreas Meyer (AK König) for his successful doctoral dissertation defense! Good luck in your future endeavours!  


10 July, 2017: It was really great to receive the visit of our coworker César Saldias from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile! Thank you!


03 July, 2017: Very happy to received Prof. Qian Wang from the Univ. of South Carolina! Thanks Qian for your great visit! 



22 June, 2017: Our GA on transfection with ionene polymers selected by the Editor for the front cover of Int. J. Mol. Sci.



22 June, 2017Paper with Dr. César Saldías and his team in Chile on encapsulation and release of desamethasone in PAMAM-PCL dendrimers accepted for publication in Eur. Polym. J. Congratulations! 


16 June, 2017: Our review on biodegradable liposome-encapsulated hydrogels for biomedical applications, most-downloaded article in Biomater. Sci. in 2017 so far!




02 June, 2017Congratulations to Judith for the succesful defense of hes PhD dissertation! Best of luck in the next stage of your career, we will miss you! 




28 May, 2017: One year older but 12 min faster in the Regensburg HalbMarathon (21.1 km)! completed this year in 2 hours:1 minute:49 seconds! A wonderful event and a wonderful atmosphere!




24 May, 2017: Prof. Valentin Rodionov (first one from the left in the picture) from KAUST delivered a wonderful conference in our Faculty on exciting enzyme-inspired catalysts! Thank you Valentin for the visit!



22 May, 2017: Succesful transfection of antisense oligonucleotides using ionene polymers just accepted for publication in Int. J. Mol. Sci., congratulations to everyone involved!



07 April, 2017: Our review on biodegradable liposome-encapsulated hydrogels for biomedical applications, most-readed article in Biomater. Sci. during 2016!


29 March, 2017: DDD appointed as Honorary Adjunt Professor at Jiangsu University, nominated by the School of Materials Science and Engineering.


26 March, 2017: Our paper on the effect of polymer topology in the gelation of acidic aqueous solutions just accepted for publication in Soft Matter, congratulations!


07 March, 2017: Papers with Rahul's group on CONs and anion-controlled gel-to-MOF transition accepted for publication in J. Am. Chem. Soc. and Chem. Commun., respectively. Congratulations to everyone involved! 


20 February, 2017: Our injectable, self-healing and multistimuli-responsive hydrogel based on boronic acid-modified alginate just accepted for publication in Chem.Commun.!, congratulations!


15 February, 2017: Our papers on glass-metal click adhesives and unreactive gel networks for photoinduced processes accepted for publication in  Macromol. Symp.respectively.


26 January, 2017: Judith's paper on antimicrobial ionene polymers just accepted for publication in Int. J. Mol. Sci., congratulations!


13 January, 2017: Our old idea on anticorrosion coatings made of polytriazoles just published in ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces! Congratulations, especially to Elaine and Rory!


11 December, 2016: We wish to all our colleagues and friends very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year! 


30 November, 2016: Cover in ChemPlusChem online!


15 November, 2016: Welcome back to Alex who will do the Master Thesis with us!. Good luck!


31 October, 2016: A group of 12 students from Argentina, Colombia, India and the Czech Republic visited us last week through the iPUR program and attended to the Method Course "Chemical Photocatalysis". We had a great time with them!

24 October, 2016: Papers on azo dyes aggregation induced by ionene polymers and catalytic macroporous ferriting-encapsulated gold nanoparticles have been just accepted for publication in ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces and ChemPlusChem, respectively!!, congratulations to everyone involved!!, specially to Dr. E. Dragan for her wonderful cooperation!


05 September, 2016Part of the group (Marleen, Judith, Yeimy) will travel to Sevilla (Spain) to participate in the EuCheMS Chemistry Congress. DDD will promote in an oral keynote the iPUR and SynCat programs of our Faculty. 


05 September, 2016Congratulations to Tamal Ghosh from König's group for the succesful defense of his PhD dissertation "Visible Light-Induced Reductive Photoredox Catalysis in Organic Synthesis"! All the best in your future endeavours!


01 September, 2016: Judith starts her research stay at the Institute of Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia in Barcelona working with our colleague and friend Santi in the group of Ramón Eritja!! A very exciting collaboration in the field of polycation-DNA complexes! Good luck and enjoy Barcelona!


01 September, 2016: NASA image of the day: Tenerife featured in Landsat Image Gallery of the NASA




30 August, 2016Poker! Congratulations to Marleen for her Feature Article in Chem. Commun. on supramolecular metallogels with bulk self-healing properties prepared by in situ metal complexation.


23 August, 2016: Our latest papers on 1) self-healing biohydrogels via dynamic covalent chemistry with Juanvi & Marleen, 2) on catalytic properties of keratin protein with Marleen & Asja, and 3) on phase-transfer catalysis with ionene polymers -the latest through a very nice collaboration with the group of Prof. Mario Waser (JKU Linz)- have been accepted for publication in New J. Chem.Molecules and ChemistrySelect, respectively! Congratulations to the teams and specially to Marleen for the hat-trick, which could turn into Poker and very soon -stay tuned!-


10 August, 2016Gels added to the CAS - Chemical Abstracts (ACS)

We are pleased to announce that the journal Gels, was recently accepted for inclusion in the CAS - Chemical Abstracts (ACS).


02 August, 2016: Prof. Richard G. Weiss from Georgetown University, Washington (http://weissresearch.wixsite.com/weissgroupjoins the Editorial Board of Gels


14 July, 2016: Memories are the key not to the past, but to the future .... 

Where's DDD? ... "Aquellos Maravillosos Años -still with hair-"


28 June, 2016: DDD delivered a talk on photoinduced processes in gel media at the KTH (Sweeden) during the PNG2016 meeting and chaired the session on IPN hydrogels, amphiphilic gelators, TAD click chemistry and glycosaminoglycan hydrogels. A wonderful time at the KTH with an excellent organization!


KTH logo close to the main entry and DDD with Ferenc Horkay from NIH at the Golden Hall in Stockholm.


16 June, 2016: Our study towards self-healing alginate-gelatin biohydrogels based on dynamic covalent chemistry has been accepted for publication in Mater. Chem. Front., congratulations to the team and specially to Asja! 


09 June, 2016: Our presentation poster during "Der Tag der Chemie und Pharmazie"!


05 June, 2016: The DFG has approved the funding extension of the Heisenberg Professorship of DDD!


01 June, 2016: Papers on Gd-MOF for bimodal imaging with R. Banerjee's group and metal phthalocyanines-containing gel networks acceted for publication in ChemPlusChem and J. Porphyr. Phthalocyanines, respectively. Congratulations to everyone involved!


31 May, 2016: Warmest welcome to Dr. César Saldías from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. He will spend some time with us working on exciting dendritic nanogels for hydrogen evolution!


23 May, 2016: The best reward that any professor could get is the appreciation of the students!. Thanks to the class of Biochemistry'16 for being such a great group of students and congratulations for passing "Moderne Synthesemethoden"! I wish you all good luck in your next steps and, as I use to say, my door will be always open!


09 May, 2016: About 5000 people ran in Regensburg! DDD completed the Bischofshof HalbMarathon (21.1 km) in 02:13:35 (alive!)


04 May, 2016: Review  on the use of biohydrogels for applications in supercapacitors and secondary batteries accepted for publication in J. Mater. Chem. A, congratulations!


03 May, 2016: The paper on selective fluoride recognition by a multifunctional urea just accepted for publication in Sensors!, congratulations!


11 April, 2016: New papers on alcogels based on Herrera's squaramide and exciting self-healing metallogels just accepted in Soft Matter and Chemistry of Materials, respectively!, congratulations!



08 April, 2016: Paper on the encapsulation of niosomes on supramolecular biohydrogels for delivery of nucleic acid just accepted in RSC Adv.!, congratulations, especially to Santi! We miss you around!


01 April, 2016Our warmest welcome to Ting Li that will carry out her Master Thesis on exciting superhydrophobic coatings!


24 March, 2016: Plenty of activities during the last month!


An amazing teamwork with students and professors from the faculty was carried out to participate in the promotional video of the new MSc Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis

(http://www.chemie.ur.de/fakultaet/studium/syncat/) that will be released shortly! stay tuned!


Asja finished her very sucessful internship in our group. It was really wonderful to have you with us and we enjoyed very much your presence, specially during the lasertag in Regensburg!


Marleen moved together with Asja and started her 3-months research internship at the group of our collaborator Dr. Francoise Quignard in Montpellier with exciting projects ahead! 


Yeimy has returned from her research stay at the group of Dr. Pérez Herrera in Zaragoza (https://asymmetricorganocatalysis.com/), a very good experience she will likely repeat.


Michaela Bauer and Maria-Theresia also finished their OC internship in our group!, good luck!! And congratulations to all the students from Biochemistry because they showed a great commiment in class and passed the OC exam! 


The article "Kleben mit Klick" from DDD has been published in Nach. Chem.2016, 64, 122-126.


and DDD closes his long-trip to India with a great and unique experience in his backpack. DDD delivered talks in Lucknow as part of the Indigo Conference and at IISER in Pune hosted by Prof. Harinath Chakrapani. It was a wonderful day at IISER with plenty of interesting scientific discussions with various groups. Different projects were also carried out with the groups of Dr. Rahul Banerjee and Dr. Sayam Sen Gupta at the NCL in Pune. His colleague Prof. C. Schalley from FUB also delivered a great talk at NCL during this time, what a wonderful coincidence! Our group will collaborate with Schalley in the area of slippery surfaces. 


Thanks everyone at the NCL and IISER for the great hospitality!


Dr. Rahul Banerjee's group 

 Dr. Sayam Sen Gupta's group

08 February, 2016: Our warmest welcome to Michaela Bauer for her Organic Internship, good luck!. 


26 January, 2016: Prof. Diaz delivers a talk at the University of Stuttgart (Institute of Physical Chemistry) and paid a brief visit to the Max Planck Institute with Prof. Firscher. 


19 January, 2016Highlight on MOF-hydrogen bonding organocatalysts just accepted in CrystEngComm, congratulations!


12 January, 2016: Review on biodegradable liposome-encapsulated hydrogels for biomedical applications just accepted for publication in Biomaterials Science. Congratulations to Santi and Judith!


10 January, 2016: Paper with Alemán's group on the development of sustainable supercapacitors accepted for publication in J.Mater.Chem. A, congratulations to everyone involved, especially to Mar!



08 January, 2016: We have returned with a new exciting year ahead! A lot of work already with the preparation of the next semester teaching, lectures and grant aplications! We also have some new faces in the group and very exciting collaborations that will make this year special!


23 December, 2015: Last teaching of the year! We wish all our colleagues a friends around the world Merry Christmas and all the best in a promising New Year!


Frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr 2016!


19 December, 2015: We are very glad to welcome Markus Tautz to our group for his Master Thesis!


28 September, 2015: Our recent paper "Transformation of rigid metal-organic frameworks into flexible gel networks and vice versa" has been selected as a CrystEngComm Hot Article! It is currently featured on the CrystEngComm Blog at http://blogs.rsc.org/ce/.


19 September, 2015: Our paper reporting the first intragel photoreduction of ayl halides by green-to-blue upconversion in air accepted for publication in Chem. Commun.! The review on magnetic gel composites for hyperthermia cancer therapy has been also accepted for publication in Gels. Congratulations!

16 September, 2015We are very proud to announce that Gels will apply a "double-blind peer review" process for the

evaluation of its manuscripts [a) referees anonymity will be preserved; b) identity and affiliation of the authors will not be disclosed to the referees]. 

03 September, 2015: We welcome Markus Tautz for his lab course in our group! Hope you enjoy the time with us and learn new things!

20 August, 2015: Our warmest congratulations to our colleague Tobi (Tobias Feldner) for his new position at the University of Sttuggart!

16 August, 2015: M.G. Finn (DDD's postdoctoral advisor), Víctor Martín (DDD's PhD advisor) and DDD meet in Tenerife! Such a wonderful time!

 From left to right: M.G. Finn, Víctor Martín, DDD

09 June, 2015: The highlight on transformation of rigid metal-organic frameworks into flexible gel networks and vice versa just accepted for publication in CrystEngComm!

09 June, 2015: Our warmest congratulations to our colleagues M. Mar Pérez Madrigal (Prof. Alemán's group, UPC) for his sucessful PhD thesis defense and Chakadola Panda (Prof. Sen Gupta, NCL) for his AvH fellowship for a postdoc in Berlin!


05 June, 2015: The paper "Photophysical and photochemical processes in 3D self-assembled gels as confined microenvironments" has been accepted for publication in Soft Matter as Emerging Area. Congratulations!


01 June, 2015: We welcome Visit. Prof. Elaine Armelin from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, an expert on polymeric materials and corrosion protection using organic-inorganic coatings!


15 May, 2015: Our paper on phase-selective gelation by peptides bearing side-chain azobenzenes and their application for toxic dye removal and oil spill remediation has been accepted for publication in Int. J. Molec. Sci. Congratulations to everyone, and specially to Jürgen and Judith!


04 May, 2015: Earlier steps of "click" chemistry in materials synthesis and its historical evolution just accepted in Macromol. Symp.


31 March, 2015: Our paper on enhancing lifatime and functionality of elusive gel networks based on DAC tartrate salt has been just accepted for publication in CrystEngComm! Congratulations!


07 March, 2015: Congratulations to Ms Yeimy Mabel Martínez-Triana from Colombia who will conduct her PhD in our group sponsored by DAAD! Thanks DAAD! We are thrilled to have her in our group soon!


06 March, 2015: Congratulations to Andreas Müller from König's group for the succesful defense of his PhD dissertation "Modular Functionalization of Fluorescent Liposome Surfaces for Analytical Applications"! Good luck in your future endeavours!



02 March, 2015: DDD featured in Angewandte Chemie as part of the Polymer Networks Group Young Investigator Award together with the Novartis Chemistry Lectureship 2014-2015 (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2015, 54, 10; Angew. Chem., 2015, 127, 10)



01 March, 2015: Call for papers



28 February, 2015: DDD delivered the PhD course "Click chemistry: A versatile tool for materials synthesis and biotechnology" in the Univ. of Florence, Italy. 



27 February, 2015: Our paper on the catalytic activity of DNA accepted for publication in Molecules for the special issue "Organocatalysis 2015". Congratulations to everyone involved! 


28 January, 2015: Warmest congratulations to Dr. Dennis Kühbeck for his new exciting job at Showa Denko! We wish you all the best!


Now all members of the "first crew" have found their way in multinational companies! Good luck!


28 January, 2015: The paper with Pavel Rezanka on chiral surface modification of silver nanoparticles has been just accepted for publication in Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineeering Aspects!. Congratulations!


23 January, 2015: The work on the identification of the sol-gel transition using a microwave sensor just accepted for publication in Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.! Congratularions to everyone and specially to Prof. Catalá for his lessons on Maxwell's equations and his patience over the last years!



20 January, 2015: Prof. Díaz, Ambassador of the University of La Laguna and Visiting Professor at the University of Florence.


Congratulations to Marleen Häring for her MSc diploma and to Tobias Feldner for delivering his Master Thesis!


Milena Schenck joins the group for his research lab-course, welcome, have fun and good luck!


14 January, 2015: Nitroaldol reaction-mediated by metal ion-crosslinked alginates just accepted for publication in New J. Chem. Congratulations to everyone involved!


09 January, 2015: Warmest congratulations to Dr. Jürgen Bachl for his new job at Infraserv Gendorf in Burgkirchen as QC Engineering!! (well deserved!!). We wish you continuous success in both your career and personal life!


22 December, 2014: We sincerely wish all our friends and colleagues a joyful Christmas and a wonderful New Year filled with peace, health and happiness!

"I've made the most important discovery of my life. It's only in the mysterious equation of love that any logic or reasons can be found"  
John Nash, from A Beautiful Mind (2001) 


3 December, 2014: Our proof-of-concept demonstration for the synthesis of supramolecular soft materials with new functions based on amide-triazole isosteric substitution has been just accepted for publication in Chem.Commun. Congratulations to everyone involved in this exciting project!, especially to Judith and Jürgen!. The article has been selected for the Emerging Investigators Issue 2015.


1 December, 2014: Prof. Díaz awarded Visiting Professorship at the University of Montpellier (Institut Charles Gerhardt Montpellier, France) by the Balard Pole of Chemistry (Pôle Chimie Balard).


17 November, 2014: Prof. Díaz Díaz has received in Japan the Young Investigator Award sponsored by Sumitomo Bakelite Co. Ltd. during the 22nd Polymer Networks Group Meeting (PNG) and the 10th Gel Symposium in Tokyo. Díaz received the award for his pioneering work on "click chemistry" in materials synthesis including functional polymers and gel networks.


The award recognizes young investigators's outstanding achievements in the fields of polymer networks and gels. The Polymer Networks Group is an independent international organization for the promotion of international contacts and the stimulation of research in the field of polymer networks.


                      Pictures courtesy of Prof. Mitsuhiro Shibayama 


27 October, 2014: Paper on stabilization of amino acid-coated gold nanoparticles via Cα-tetrasubstitution (DOI: 10.1007/s11051-013-2224-yhighlighted in Advances in Engineering.


23 October, 2014: Johannes Mehringer joins our crew for his research lab-course! Enjoy the trip! 


8 October, 2014: US, German scientists awarded 2014 Chemistry Nobel Prize!: Eric Betzig (USA), Stefan W. Hell (Germany) and William E. Moerner (USA) "for the development of super-resolved fluorescence microscopy". Congratulations!



1 October, 2014: Warmest congratulations to Dr. Eva Maria-Schön for her new job at the R&D division (nanolithography/microchips) of Infineon (Villach, Austria). We all wish you continuous success!


1 October, 2014: The group welcomes visiting DAAD intern Mar Pérez Madrigal from the group of Prof. Carlos Alemán in Barcelona (ETSEIB,UPC)!


22 September, 2014: Launched "Gels" (ISSN 2310-2861)!, an international, open access journal on physical and chemical gels that will be published quaterly online by MDPI. Learn more about the journal here. EiC: Prof. David Díaz Díaz.



18 September, 2014: "Young Career Focus: Professor David Díaz Díaz (University of Regensburg)", published in SYNFORM2014/10; Synstories A139-A140.


22 August, 2014: Our work on ionene polymer hydrogels featured in the inside front cover of Adv. Funct. Mater.



22 August, 2014: Congratulations to Stefan Balk from König's group for the succesful defense of his PhD dissertation "Luminescent Functionalized Vesicles: Synthesis, Characterization and Analytical Applications"! 



19 August, 2014: The work on COF-CdS as a prototype photocatalyst for visible-light-driven hydrogen production accepted for publication in Chem. Eur. J., warmest congratulations to Rahul and co-workers!


14 August, 2014: The paper with Sayam's team on photochemical water oxidation by biuret Fe-TAML and evidence of Fe(V)(O) intermediate accepted for publication in J. Am. Chem. Soc., congratulations!


18 July, 2014: DDD delivers the talk "Hard, Soft or in Bettween (KISSu Principle in Materials Synthesis)" at IQAC-CSIC, Barcelona.


16 July, 2014: Congratulations to Johannes Graf for succesful completion of his research assigment in our group! We wish you all the best and enjoy your next overseas assigment in Colorado! 



14 July, 2014: The paper on injectable cystine-based hydrogels has been accepted in Nanosci. Nanotechnol. Asia. Congratulations to Eva and Jürgen!


3 July, 2014: Last year PhD student Mar Pérez Madrigal, from the group of Prof. Carlos Alemán in Barcelona (ETSEIB,UPC), will visit us from October 2014 to February 2015 sponsored by DAAD. Congratulations Mar for the fellowship! Thank you DAAD. We are thrilled to have her here! 


2 June, 2014: Our work on the catalytic properties of silk fibroin proteins highlighted in the cover of ACS Sustain. Chem. Eng.

30 May, 2014The paper with Prof. Johnson's team at MIT on improved strategies for counting elastically inactive molecular defects in polymer gels just accepted in J. Am. Chem. Soc.! Congratulations to everyone involved and specially to Eva from UR!



15 May, 2014Warmest congratulations to Jürgen Bachl for his great PhD dissertation on 12.05.2014! My family and I wish you all the best in your personal and professional life. It is impossible to describe how much are we going to miss Jürgen, Dennis and Eva in the lab, a big THANKS to all of you!! 



15 May, 2014: The molecular strategy to access to Gd(III)-based MOF for anticancer drug delivery with Rahul's team accepted for publication in Chem. Eur. J. Warmest congratulations!


13 May, 2014: Paper on a kinetic supramolecular gel phase intermediate just accepted for publication in Chem. Commun. Congratulations to Rahul, Subhadeep and Jürgen!


05 May, 2014Warmest congratulations to Dennis for his succesful PhD defense on 28.04.2014! We wish you all the best after your 'biopolymer' experience!! 



22 April, 2014: The paper on multifunctional supramolecular gels based on urea-based organocatalyst just accepted in Chem. Eur. J. within the special issue "European Young Chemist Awards". Congratulations to everyone involved!

22 April, 2014: Our work on the catalytic properties of silk fibroin proteins accepted in ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng.! Congratulations to Dennis and Munmun!


19 April, 2014: We welcome Sushma Kumari to the group! Sushma is visiting us from Dr. Sayam Sen Gupta's lab (NCL, Pune). We are delighted to have her here!


27 March, 2014: The new formulation to improve metal-adhesive polymers made from Cu(I)-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition has been accepted for publication in Chem. Eur. J. Congratulations!

24 March, 2014: The computational-experimental approach that we have developed to improve ionene polymer-based functional hydrogels has been just accepted for publication in Adv. Funct. Mater.! The manuscript has been judged to be very important and very urgent. Congratulations to everyone involved, especially to Jürgen!! Many thanks also to Prof. Alemán and his team for helping us to understand better the molecular mechanisms underlying solvent gelation.



13 March, 2014: Just accepted in J. Mater. Chem. A "Multifunctional Covalent Organic Framework-Nanoparticles Hybrids" Congratulations to everyone involved, specially to Pradip and Rahul!!

04 January, 2014: Warmest congratulations to Eva for her succesful PhD defense on 31.01.2014! We will defintely miss you in the lab and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors!! The food afterwards was really delicious! (on behalf of my family!)



30 January, 2014: The paper on self-healing in Chem.Commun. recommended as one of the 'hot' articles of March 2014 by the Editor.


29 January, 2014: The work on self-healing supramolecular gel materials with Rahul's team just accepted in Chem.Commun. Warmest congratulations to Subhadeep, Jürgen, Tanay and Rahul!!


15 January, 2014: "Particle-physics papers set free" Tensions as open-access initiative goes live -without the field's leading journal. Read more here (Nature 2014, 505, 141).


13 January, 2014: Our warmest welcome to Marleen Häring (MSc student)!. Start scheduled on February 2014. Looking forward to have you in our group!


8 January, 2014: Highly stable COF-Au hybrids for nitrophenol reduction accepted in Chem. Commun. 


17 December, 2013α-Alkyl cysteine-coated gold nanoparticles research just accepted in Journal of Nanoparticle Research! Congratulations!


1 December, 2013: Our warmest welcome to Judith Mayr (PhD student) and Tobias Feldner (MSc student)!. Start scheduled on January and February 2014, respectively. Looking forward to work with you!


14 November, 2013: Dennis' paper on direct Aldol reaction catalyzed by Gelatin accepted in Helvetica Chimica Acta, congratulations! 


14 November, 2013: DDD Editor-in-Chief of "Journal of Physical and Chemical Gels" (ISSN 2310-2861)

23 October, 2013: Happy Birthday to Profs. Victor Martín and M.G. Finn. The greatest mentors I ever had on both the professional and personal level. I just had (and have) the extreme good fortune to be their mentee!


21 October, 2013: Spanish bailout Spain's science system received a much-needed cash infusion on 18 October, when the government approved a 70-million (US$96-million) package to save the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) from bankruptcy. In June, the council received an extra 25 million in government support, but in July, CSIC president Emilio Lora-Tamayo said that a further 75 million would be needed by the end of the year. As Spain's largest scientific organization, the CSIC maintains more than 100 institutes and supports about 6,000 scientist. See go.nature.com/gesitc for more. 


17 October, 2013: DDD appointed as full member of the Editorial Board of ScienceOPEN platform.


9 October, 2013: The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2013 goes to ....


3 October, 2013: One of the best gifts DDD has ever received! Thanks Eva!! "ach so!"

How to be German in 50 easy steps: A guide from Apfelsaftschorle to Tschüss

Adam Fletcher 


Breakfast lavishly, pre-book all your holidays years in advance, dress sensibly and obey the red man! «How to be German» presents all the little absurdities that make living in Germany such a pleasure. It’s required reading for all Ausländer and for Germans who sometimes have the feeling they don’t understand their own country. We learn why the Germans speak so freely about sex, why they are so obsessed with «Spiegel Online» and why they all dream of being naked in a lake of Apfelsaftschorle. At the end, the only thing left to say to Adam Fletcher’s love letter to Germany is «Alles klar!»


1 October, 2013: DDD receives the Heisenberg Professorship Award from the DFG and is appointed as W2-Professor at the University of Regensburg. 



25 September, 2013: Likely Nobel prize winners for 2014

The IP & Science business of Thomson Reuters has announced its 2013 “Nobel-class” Citation Laureates on Wednesday, which names 28 researchers representing 22 distinct academic and research organisations, and six different countries.

Nominees in the field of medicine include Adrian P. Bird, Howard Cedar and Aharon Razin for their fundamental discoveries concerning DNA methylation and gene expression. Chemistry nominees include M.G. Finn, Valery V. Fokin and K. Barry Sharpless for their development of modular click chemistry. If selected, this would be Sharpless’s second Nobel Prize (he won in 2001 for his work on chirally catalyzed oxidation reactions).

The nominees on the list include François Englert and Peter W Higgs for their prediction of the Brout-Englert-Higgs boson particle in the field of physics; and, in the field of economics, Sam Peltzman and Richard A. Posner for their work extending economic theories of regulation.

9 September, 2013: Paper with R. Banerjee's group on MOP-to-MOF interconversion accepted in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.! Warmest congratulations to Arijit, Bikash and Rahul!



12 July, 2013:  Signed the collaboration agreement between The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the University of Regensburg!




1 July, 2013:  DDD's Tenured Scientist position at The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) now linked to the Institute of Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia (IQAC-CSIC, Barcelona) 




10 June, 2013:  Jürgen's paper highlighted in ChemistryViews! Congratulations! 


16 May, 2013:  A catalysis' tale by gelatin and collagen proteins accepted in Beilstein! Congratulations to everybody! 


26 Feb, 2013:  Two full papers accepted in Chem. Eur. J. on the same day!: Proton-conductive metallogels and multiresponsive supramolecular azobenzene-containing peptides! Congratulations to everybody involved! 


25 Feb, 2013: The "click chemistry organic adhesives experiment" with our collaborators at The Scripps Research Institute just accepted on the Aust. J. Edu. Chem.! Congratulations! .... and never forget to have fun while you are working on your projects!


1 Feb, 2013: Jürgen's paper on organophotocatalysis in softgel materials as tunable reaction vessels just accepted in J. Mater. Chem. A! Congratulations!


23 August, 2012: Jürgen and Dennis ready for their participation in the 4th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress in Prague. Enjoy the experience!


6 August, 2012Munmun's paper accepted in NCS, congratulations!


14 May, 2012: Paper with Rahul Banerjee´s group on CO2 enhancement uptake on functionalized Calcium based MOFs and metallogels accepted in J. Mater. Chem.! Congratulations!


10 May, 2012: Eva will spend three months during summer in the lab of Prof. J. Johnson at the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA) working on poly(NIPAAm) smart materials!. Congratulations!


21 March, 2012: Calling for Papers: Organocatalysis Special Issue

"The All Results Journals: Chem

The All Results Journals: Chem is an open online journal that publishes research articles after a standard peer review process by experts in the field. In contrast to the aim of most scientific journals, The All Results Journals: Chem  focuses on recovering and publishing negative and/or unexpected results in Chemistry. We believe that these results derived from experiments based on the application of the scientific methodology are crucial for the complete development of Science. Indeed, these results have been proven to be the preliminary path for major discoveries, which have been further published in other well-recognized journals. Undoubtedly, even those “negative” results, if the experiments were conducted under the well-established rules of the scientific method, should be also repeatable by any person in any place. All manuscript should also include a well-detailed experimental section, as well as a discussion section, in which a reasonable explanation concerning the reasons why such results have appeared is given.

21 February, 2012: Dr. Diaz has been appointed as Assoc. Member of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Subscribed journal: "The All Results Journals: Chem" (Section Editor: Dr. Diaz; Chief Editor: Dr. Alcantara)


11 February, 2012: Jürgen Bachl's German Academic Chemistry Degree has been successfully homologated to the Spanish system. Congratulations!


10 January, 2012: The article in Soft Matter "Competition between gelation and crystallisation of a peculiar multicomponent liquid system based on ammonium salts" has been accepted! Congratulations to everyone!


24 December, 2011: AK Díaz wish you all a very Merry Christmas and better New Year!

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