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Software for spectra interpretation:


free software:

  • SpinWorks (windows-program for processing of NMR-Spectra (1D/2D) from the University Manitoba in Canada; Download and information about the program. The software (include a short introduction for the 1D and 2D part in German) also was offered on the software pages of the computing center of the University of Regensburg)


software valid for 1 year, license-server independend software:

  • TOPSPIN (Windows, Mac, Linux): Special version valid 1 year, after that time the software must be reinstalled. The current version (TopSpin 3.5 ...) can be downloaded within our own software index. The current license will expire at 31.03.2019.


  • Delta Vers. 5.0.5 from Jeol (Windows, Mac): Valid for one year, after this time the license key must be reinstalled. The key is available within our own software index. The license will expire at 06.10.2016. Remark: Actually we will renew the key only on request.


Path to our own software index:


(you can copy the line, paste it to the explorer and open it)


software which runs only in contact to the license-server of the computing center of the University of Regensburg:


  • TOPSPIN (only Windows, for other operating systems have a look to www.buker-biospin.de): This version can be installed from the softeware pages of the computing center of the University of Regensburg.

    Remark: The license is released only for the department of chemistry.


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