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The following standard experiments are offered:


Service at 400 or 600 MHz by staff:

Further methods (1D and 2D) as well as measurments of other nucleus, if required, can be offered after consultation with us.

Remark: For an efficient execution of orders, the following amounts of substance are desirable:

  • 1H: 0.03 mmol
  • 13C: 0.1 mmol
  • 31P: 0.1 mmol

These amounts must be soluble in 0.8 ml of the desired solvent. Please check the solubility!


How to prepare your samples, you can find here: "Tips for preparing a NMR-Tube".


You will get order forms here:


Labels for the NMR tubes can you get here :


Self service at 300 MHz:

After having got an introduction by staff, you can measure by yourself:
1H, 13C{1H} (multiplicities via DEPT), 31P{1H}, 31P, 19F{1H} and 19F.

For this purpose you can find details in our instruction for Icon-NMR (menu "Internal")

Outgoing and processing of the spectra: 

The spectra will be run according to the problem and printed. For your further needs, some software for spectra processing on PC is available.

The raw data (FID's) are available in the network of the university at the server Titan-unw. In case of DOS respectively WINDOWS standard installations in the Faculty Chemistry and Pharmacy, you can find the raw data in the dirctory I:\NMRSPEC  (synonymous with \\Titan99\sharez\CHEMIE\ZA\messdat\nmrspec) accordingly to the names of the devices (AVA300, AVA400, AVA600, ...).


  1. Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy
  2. Center for Chemical Analysis

NMR Spectroscopy

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