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Very nice dinner at the Bischofshof Restaurant during the visit of Prof. Alejandro Toro-Labbé from PUC, Santiago de Chile

The key is not about finding good players (that is easy), the key is getting them to play as a team!

A relaxes and tasty break ....


First hours of Cesar in Regensburg (left)! and with Prof. Alejandro Toro-Labbé from PUC, Chile

With our colleagues Dr. Raúl Pérez (UR) and Prof. Juan Argüello (FCQ, Univ. Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina)


A day as a film director ...!

... with the amazing help of the team "32Amperios" from Tenerife!  

A great lasertag in Regensburg!! -for some of us it was the bloodiest battle!- 

Lucknow, India 

"Lab dart board" (in honor of a humanity which has reached the moon and Mars and is prepared to conquer the universe!)

Enjoying spicy Chinese food to say goodbye to Cesar and his lovely family! it was great to have you with us!

Sevilla tiene un color especial!

The visit of former members of the group is always a gift!

Judith completed a productive stay (both scientifically and gastronomically speaking!) in the group of Ramón Eritja in Barcelona!

Students from different countries visited us through the iPUR program! We had a wonderful time with them!

Farewell of Daniela, it was great to have her with us. Hopefully, we will see her again next year! Daniela, we will miss you!

“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.” 
Ernest HemingwayThe Wild Years

Enjoying Thai food and great company before Christmas holidays!   

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