University of Regensburg

The University of Regensburg was founded in the year 1962 as a University of the Free State of Bavaria and instruction started in 1967. All university facilities are located on a campus of 150 hectares at the southern edge of the city (about 15 minutes by foot or 5 minutes by bus from the central train station). Avoiding large concrete complexes, the architecture on campus harmonizes with the landscape. Traffic has been channeled underneath the university, allowing for wide open areas which are landscaped so as to lend the campus a park-like atmosphere. The campus even includes a botanical garden. Thus, the University of Regensburg is not only a university of short distances, but also - and partly because of this - of short lengths of studies. The university offers a number of complementary study programs in areas such as foreign languages, electronic data processing or speech training. A university certificate is issued to students completing such additional courses. Most parts of the university are built and equipped in a manner suitable for handicapped students. Housing for handicapped students complete with special services and personnel is also available. Following the model of the "classical" university, the humanities and social science faculties offer a rich variety of individual research projects. The total student enrolment is 18 758 (2003/2004), the number of all personnel is 3 956 (as of 12/31/2003).

As a public university our main activities are higher education and research in all fields, except engineering. In addition, strengthening academic and educational contacts to east European non-EU members (in particular CZ, PL, H) and contributions to the process of life-long-learning and a sustainable development of society in all aspects are the core issues of our organizations activity.



Prof. Oliver Reiser

Department of Organic Chemistry
University of Regensburg

e-mail: Oliver.Reiser@chemie.uni-regensburg.de