Students from the USA

US-students within the Atlantis Chemistry Curriculum will study in their 3rd or 4th year one semester at Dublin City University and one semester at the University of Regensburg.

Fellowships for study stays at the European institution are available starting September/October 2007. US students planning or being currently enrolled in a Bachelor degree of Chemistry at a US institution are invited to apply for the Atlantis degree.

All students entering the Atlantis degree need to transfer either to the University of Kansas or Arkansas, USA.

Fellowships and Tuitions

All students pay tuition at their home institutions for the duration of the Atlantis curriculum, regardless of the place of study. Students continue to be eligible for all programs for student aid, fellowships or reduced tuition being in place at their home institution.

For the transatlantic stay students receive a fellowship of 1000 US$/month up to 12000 US$/year.