A new curriculum for a Dual Bachelor Degree in Chemistry (Atlantis Degree) is currently being established between two European and two US Universities. This program is being funded by the EU-Atlantis program, providing full fellowships for either the European students to study one year at the US institution or for the US students to study one year at the European institution.


Applications for the new Atlantis Degree are immediately invited, successful candidates might start their transatlantic year as early as fall 2007. An application system is currently setup through this website, however, you are encouraged to contact the program coordinators as early as possible if you are interested in the program.


Duration of the curriculum is 4 years.

Degree awarded

Dual Bachelor Degree in Chemistry (Atlantis Chemistry Degree) between

The degree allows the direct admission to PhD programs in Ireland, the US or in Germany*.

*Currently, not all German Universities allow the direct admission to their PhD program with a four-year Bachelor degree. At the University of Regensburg the Dual Bachelor Degree qualifies for the direct entry into the PhD program (total of 4 years), with the Master of Chemistry being awarded after one year. For more information contact the program coordinator Prof. O. Reiser, University of Regensburg.


Applications to enter the Atlantis Chemistry Degree are invited from students at all levels studying Chemistry towards their Bachelor degree.


European Students
US Students