Confirmed Speakers

Hew M.L. Davies

Emory University, Atlanta, USA

C-H Functionalization with Carbenes Derived from N-Sulfonyltriazoles

Alois Fürstner

MPI Mülheim, Germany

Heterocycle Synthesis via π-Acid Catalysis

Karl Anker Jørgensen

Aarhus University, Denmark

Organocatalysis for the Construction of Chiral Heterocyclc Compounds

Yasuyuki Kita

Osaka University, Japan

Metal-Free Oxidative Coupling Reactions Using Hypervalent Iodine Reagents

Benjamin List

MPI Mülheim, Germany

A New Concept for Asymmetric Lewis Acid Catalysis

Christina Nevado

University of Zürich, Switzerland

On mechanistic puzzles in metal catalyzed reactions

Sara Reisman

California Institute of Technology, USA

Necessity is the Mother of Invention: Natural Products and the Chemistry They Inspire

Ilhyong Ryu

Osaka Prefecture University, Japan

Cooperative Radical/Polar Annulation Approach to Nitrogen-Heterocycles

Karl Scheid


Northwestern University, USA

Cooperative Catalysis for Chemical Synthesis

John D. Sutherland

Cambridge University, U.K.

Origins of Life Systems Chemistry

Christopher D. Vanderwal

University of California, Irvine, USA

Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of the Lissoclimide Cytotoxins


Lutz Ackermann

University of Göttingen, Germany

Selectivity Control in C–H Activation

Shuji Akai

University of Osaka, Japan

Arynes as Powerful Platforms for Regioselective Construction of Fused Heteroaromatic Compounds

Jeffrey Aube

University of Northern Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA

New Opioid Biology Arising From Heterocyclic Chemistry

Attaku Biju

NCL Research Center, Pune, India

Sustainable N-Heterocyclic Carbene (NHC) Organocatalysis

John Bower

Bristol University, U.K.

Catalytic Chirality Generation: New Strategies for N-Heterocyclic Chemistry

Pauline Chiu

University of Honkong, China

Applications of Intramolecular (4+3) Cycloadditions of Furans and Pyrroles to the Synthesis of Natural Products

Nikolai Cramer

NEPFL Lausanne, Switzerland

The Quest for Efficient Ligands in Asymmetric C-H Functionalizations

Jan Deska

Aalto University, Finland

Stereoselective Enzymatic Ring Expansion and Ring Contraction Reactions of O-Heterocycles

Mike Doyle

University of Texas, San Antonio, USA

New Constructions of Heterocycles and Carbocycles by Cycloaddition from Metallo-enolcarbenes

Martin D. Eastgate

Bristol-Myers Squibb, New Brunswick, NJ, USA

Innovation in the Synthesis of Complex Pharmaceutical Compounds

Olga Garcia Mancheno

University of Regensburg, Germany

1,2,3,-Triazoles: From Metal- to Supramolecular Organic Catalysis

Daniel Gryko

Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw, Poland

Diketopyrrolopyrroles - the Journey from Ferrari Pigments to Fluorescent Functional Dyes

Mimi Hii

Imperial College, U.K.

Heterocycles for heterocycles: Synthesis of highly-substituted oxazolines using pyridines and N<-heterocyclic carbenes

Michal Hocek

Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

Base-Modified Nucleosides, Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids. Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Ulrich Jahn

IOCB Prague, Czech Republic

New Efficient Approaches to the Total Synthesis Piperazinone Alkaloids and Analogs

Oliver Kappe

University of Graz, Austria

Going with the Flow – The Use of Continuous Processing in Organic Synthesis

Burkhard König

University of Regensburg, Germany

Functionalization of 5- and 6-membered heteroarenes by visible light photocatalysis

Guanglin Luo

Bristol Myers Squibbs, USA

Evolution of Heterocyclic Replacements Led to a Potent Oral CGRP Receptor Antagonist for Migraine Treatment

Peter Maienfisch

Syngenta, Basel, Switzerland


Peter Meier

Novartis, Basel, Switzerland

A Journey Through Heterocycles in Drug Discovery at Novartis

Sergii Pazenok

Bayer Crop Science, Frankfurt, Germany

A general approach towards the heterocyclic compounds bearing emergent fluorinated substituents

Benjamin Sherry

Merck Sharp & Dohme, New Jersey, USA

Development of Efficient Processes to Nitrogen Heterocycles

Peter Stang

University of Utah, USA

Abiological Self-Assembly: Predesigned Metallacycles and metallacages via Coordination

Corey Stephenson

University of Michigan, USA

Natural product synthesis leveraging persistent radicals

Keisuke Suzuki

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Strategies in Total Synthesis of Polyketide-II Natural Products: Total Syntheses of Tetracenomycins C and X

Wenjun Tang

Shanghai Institute of Technology, China

Natural Product Synthesis Facilitated by Ligand Design

Wen-Jing Xiao

Central China Normal University, Hubei, China

Construction of Heterocyclic Architectures through Reactions of Sulfur Ylides

Kirsten Zeitler

University of Leipzig, Germany

Multicatalytic Transformations in a New Light