Hotels and Accomodations

Prebooked hotel allotments (good until July 2, 2017):

Rooms in hotels range between 60 EUR – 145 EUR per room and night [single or double occupancy] have been blocked at a special rate.

Online booking via the central booking portal.
Different hotel categories, 30 - 145 EUR.
Please complete first the registration, an allotment code will be sent with your registration.

Direct booking (good until January 7, 2017):

Hotel Central or Hotel Jacob Downtown
Single room 95.00 EUR. No code required

Youth Hostel (good until June 3, 2017):

Direct booking via Youth hostel Regensburg
approx. 30 EUR / night and person, shared rooms up to 6 people. No code required

German residents must purchase a yearly membership (Deutscher Jugendherbergsausweis, 7.50 EUR (age 26 and under) or 22.50 EUR (age 27 and above)). International guests can obtain an International Guest Card directly at the hostel at the time of the stay for 3.50 EUR / night or alternatively must be a member of the Youth Hostel Association of their country. For full conditions follow this link.